A 3,500 square-foot flex space, art gallery, and photography/multimedia studio.

Welcome to MacArthur

300 Monticello Ave

Located on the first floor of MacArthur Center Mall, Percolator’s Monticello Campus is a 3,500 square foot flex space, art gallery, and photography studio. Located within MacArthur Center, this space affords convenient access to everything the mall offers–dining, shopping, and entertainment. And, of course, there’s ping pong.

The Space

Meeting Space

Art Gallery



Play Space


Photography Studio

Half Day & Full Day Rentals

Located in the back of Percolator’s MacArthur campus is a treasure trove for photographers: a 750 square feet studio. Experience up to 25 feet of unobstructed shooting distance and 15-foot ceilings with plenty of headspace for tall lighting setups. This space is perfect for all photographers that need a large studio space without natural light.

Studio Front

Studio Rear


Option 1: Bring Your Own Gear
$150 – Half Day – Up to 4 hours
$275 – Full Day – Up to 8 hours
Option 2: Rent Gear
$450 – Half Day – Up to 4 hours
$800 – Full Day – Up to 8 hours

Gear rental includes: Access to all lighting gear, professional assistance, unlimited backdrops*
*Additional fee: $5/ft of seamless paper for the portion you step on

Download the Studio Rate Sheet

Gear List

Paul Buff Einsten 640 Watt (4 Available)
60″ Octobox + Grid Option
35″ Octobox
30″ X 60″ Softbox + Grid Option
14″ X 60 Softbox + Grid Option
22″ Beauty Dish
64: Parabolic Umbrella White
20 Gel Options (e.g. Red, Yellow, Blue)
2 White & Black V-Flats
Manfrotto Tripod
Circular Reflector
Clothing rack
Industrial fan
Bluetooth sound system

You’ve Gotta See This Space

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