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Testimonial Will Christopher

Will Christopher

"Business brought me to Norfolk for the week and I needed a temporary spot to get some work done. With a simple request I found myself nestled into a comfortable workspace with access to any professional need within the Percolator family. Grateful for the people, atmosphere, and amenities."
Testimonial Jacob Sterle

Jacob Sterle


The people I have met here have been top quality professionals, and they are some of the nicest people you could meet. The community is the best part about coworking spaces, and Percolator does it right. While I love the challenge of building things with my own two hands, doing that shoulder to shoulder with like-minded individuals makes me look forward to coming into the office every day.

Testimonial Jim Schneider

Jim Schneider

Schneider Construction
"This is what small business is about. Shared office space is an innovative concept and Bobby has done a great job making the most of this concept. If you're looking for space, I suggest you check it out."
Testimonial Roger M. Richards

Roger M. Richards

Photographer/Filmmaker, Igniter Loop

Basing my film production company at Percolator has provided an opportunity to network and share ideas. It is a joy coming to my office–I never know what new great idea might be sparked by a chance conversation with a community member.

Testimonial Karin Owens

Karin Owens

Military Relocation Specialist, Beauty for Ashes Realty

Percolator is a fun place to work, a creative place to host events and an environment to connect with other business-minded people! Every time I go into the office I get a new and inspiring idea that I can use to help grow my business.

Testimonial John Dudley

John Dudley

Software Engineer, Industrial Imagination

The collaborative environment allows me to get to know my fellow entrepreneurs on both a personal and a professional level. I get inspired and motivated when I see the companies around me grow!

Testimonial Carl Cleanthes

Carl Cleanthes

Founder, Epic Made

The community is the best part of coworking at Percolator. Everyone is very supportive of each other and we have made several impactful connections that allow us to both help and be helped by the Norfolk business and creative community. 

Testimonial Robert ‘Brix’ Glover

Robert ‘Brix’ Glover

Founder, Brix Fitness

Joining the Percolator family has been game changer for my business. Structure, accountability, community, guidance were things that my business needed most. All of which I've found right here at Percolator!

Testimonial Les Dossey

Les Dossey

President, Entre Coach Inc.
Percolator rocks for entrepreneurs. The entire Percolator team provides the ideal environment to grow and flourish as an entrepreneur. That's why I'm here.  
Testimonial Robert Rogers

Robert Rogers

Principal Broker, Upscale Avenues

The energy and culture at Percolator is contagious, and the other businesses that you get to collaborate with is icing on the cake! 

Testimonial Ben Munson

Ben Munson

Loan Officer, Tidewater Mortgage Services

Instead of investing five figures into a retail build out, Percolator allowed us to start small and expand as needed. It really was the smartest decision we made, not just because of the flexible space, but because of the community of entrepreneurs that you automatically become a part of. Collaboration AND Growth!

Testimonial Ben Munson

Marguerite Inscoe

Business Market Strategist

As a solopreneur, having a suitable workspace is a big deal. It's rare to find a place like the Percolator, which has comprehensive services and facilities while also providing a ton of flexibility in the membership. You can't beat the ROC (return on collision) either, making a true community and not just office space.

Testimonial Joshua Jane'

Joshua Jane'

Community Manager, Percolator

Working from home is difficult if you're a people's person. Arriving at Percolator through a mutual friend has shown me that coworking is a great place to stay creative and network with other professionals in a vast range of industries. My entrepreneur story continues to evolve, as now I am part of the Percolator Team. Being a Community Manager allows me to give back and to pay it forward for new aspiring business owners!

Testimonial Jessica Hartsfield

Jessica Hartsfield

Community Manager, Percolator

I discovered Percolator and desired to be a part of the organization because I was searching for community. I found what I was looking for among the motivated, generous, and authentic members and employees that consider Percolator to be their home base. Now, almost two years later, I am a Community Manager, I’ve started my own business and developed many valuable skills through the guidance of others I’ve met at Percolator.


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